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The Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development

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During the 1940's and early 1950's, the lands were owned by Toronto Brick Company and were used as a sand and gravel quarry.

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Feb 12, 2004

As community members, you may have wondered what we, your Committee has been up to. Our first efforts were directed strongly toward meeting the challenge of the Committee of Adjustment meeting held on October 15, 2003. I am sure you know by now the outcome of that meeting, that a decision was deferred indefinitely, as the City undertakes a Land Use Study of the property.

Since then we have been in a bit of a holding pattern. To some extent, we have to wait see what the developer wishes to do, and respond. There has been little movement in that camp, at least movement that our seismic sensors have been able to detect.

On the proactive side, we have been meeting with some people. We have had meetings with the new MPP, Lorenzo Berardinetti, to address one of key our underlying concerns, the environmental mystery that is attached to the property. Mr. Berardinetti is interfacing with the Ministry of the Environment in order to find any information that the ministry may have on the parcel of land. We are waiting for that information.

Next week we are meeting with representatives of City Planning and Legal departments, to get their take on how things may play out from this point. We are very interested to hear their take on the issue now that they have had a couple of months to chew on things, and have begun to undertake the Land Use Study. We have felt them to be our close allies, and feel we can continue to count them as such.

Later this month, after the meeting with the City, we will be having a full meeting of the Steering Committee, in order to prepare for a full community meeting to be held in late March or early April. That meeting is intended to do two things. First, it is to explain the up to date situation to the community, assuring you that in fact this thing is NOT over after the COA meeting in October, and that further vigilance on the part of the Community is necessary. Second, we wish to take a clear mandate from the community on what course we are to pursue as a committee, as this committee is intended to represent the community. This will be achieved by laying out a spectrum of possible outcomes, along with their likelihoods and the costs of each one. To this point, we have been operating on a good faith basis. We feel that the community's clear mandate on this matter is important both philosophically and politically.

That's the report. Want to help?


Ritchard Findlay


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