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The Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development

Fast Fact:
During the 1940's and early 1950's, the lands were owned by Toronto Brick Company and were used as a sand and gravel quarry.

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July 25, 2004

Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development emerged in the summer of 2003 out of widespread community concern regarding a proposed apartment tower complex on the Quarry lands site. An ad hoc group came together and worked through the late summer and early fall to prepare for a Scarborough Committee of Adjustment meeting in mid-October. Since that time, the committee has become a corporation, and has carefully considered and refined our goals as a group.

We are focused on representing the community's interests regarding the development of the Quarry lands (roughly north of Gerrard and Clonmore Streets, between Victoria Park and Warden). Though development on a single parcel of the Quarry lands was the catalyst to the formation of our group, we are no longer focused exclusively on that specific area. Our concerns now encompass the entire 49 acres that make up the larger property.

We are not anti-development in nature. We as a group have come to believe that some form of development on these valuable lands is inevitable, and given the state of the property, even desirable. With this in mind, our primary goals are i) to press for development on the property that is compatible with the existing community in form, style and density; and ii) to ensure that any such development is done with full consideration of the environmental sensitivity of the site.

As well, we will work with planners, developers and other parties to try to minimize any negative impacts - environmental, social or infrastructure-related - of any such development on the community at large.

That said, we are now viewing Quarry development not as merely a challenge, but as an opportunity for our community. There is enough land on the site to build something truly impressive. We could be living next door to a model community, a place that enhances our neighbourhood and that families are happy to call home.

* * *

Our secondary goal is to finally put the Quarry issue to rest. The issue of Quarry lands development has awoken from its slumber regularly every 10 or 12 years since the early 1960s. Each time, a committee like ours, concerned about development's possible negative effects on our community, has been formed up. Each time, members of the community have committed countless hours to committee work. Each time, the issue has gone back to sleep. It is our goal that a solution to the "Quarry problem" be worked out this time. We will push for a solution that pleases all stakeholders, be they homeowners, landowners, local government or city planners.

We realize that the Quarry lands issue will not be resolved overnight. It is a terribly complex issue that will require patience and hard work from all parties. Everyone on our committee is committed to staying the course and to working toward solutions that will do our community proud.

We hope that we will continue to have your ongoing support as we continue to deal with the Quarry lands development.


Ritchard Findlay and Wilf Longley
Co-chairs, Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development


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