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July 2009

Hi everyone,

This is a quick note to let you know the Ontario Municipal Board hearing scheduled for July 20 has been adjourned due to the strike. No new date has been set, but it is likely to be scheduled for early fall. The hearing concerns the developer's rezoning application to remove the minimum unit size requirements currently included in the zoning bylaw for their proposed high rise towers.

Over the past six months, members of the CCQLD board have joined city planners, politicians and representatives of the developer and Build Toronto in talks aimed at finding a more appropriate, comprehensive vision for the entire Quarry Lands site. This process has slowed since May, but our expectation is that it will pick up again post-strike or in the fall.

As always, we are participating in these talks with the understanding, made clear to all parties, that the CCQLD membership has the final say on any possible endorsement of ideas or plans coming out of these talks. We are not making any commitments on behalf of the community, nor do we have the power to do so; in addition, we have yet to see the results of impact studies that will be necessary before we as an organization can give our support to any suitable development proposal, if one emerges.

Thanks as always for your support and for staying informed. Please send us a note if you have any questions or thoughts, and feel free to forward this to any neighbours (and encourage them to become CCQLD members! Cheques in the amount of $10 can be made out to 'Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development' and dropped off at 63 Woodland Park Road).

We'll keep you up to date on any new developments and will be back in touch soon. Please continue reading below for a note on the OMB hearing from Coucillor Brian Ashton.

Sincerely, Board of Directors, Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development


Dear Resident:

Re: Gerrard Clonmore Development (Quarry Lands) Ontario Municipal Board Hearing

Gerrard Clonmore Development (GCD), owner of the lands known locally as the "Quarry Lands", appealed a Rezoning Application to remove minimum unit sizes from their 40-year old "as-of-right" zoning permission, for approximately 1,455 apartment units, to the Ontario Municipal Board. This Hearing was originally scheduled for November 11th last year.

Following discussions with the principals of GCD, the City of Toronto secured a deferral of that Hearing to July 20, 2009 in order to permit further negotiations with the view to developing a comprehensive development plan for the entire quadrant of land bounded by Victoria Park, Gerrard Street East, Clonmore Avenue, and the rail corridor. The deferral and its purpose were secured by way of a "Standstill Agreement" between GCD and the City of Toronto.

The "Standstill Agreement" includes provisions for community representations in the discussions. Representatives of the Concerned Citizens for Quarry Lands Development have been a party to these discussions from the beginning. It is recognized by all parties that at the appropriate time any plans resulting from these discussions will be presented to the broader community prior to any formal approval process.

The July 20th Hearing was originally scheduled for five days. Due to the City of Toronto strike and redeployment of planning and legal staff, the City was unable to continue its planning discussions with GCD. Consequently, Counsel for the owner has agreed to attend at the Board Hearing on July 20, but only for the purposes of having a new time set for a fall hearing and determining whether anyone wishes to be added as a party or participant in the hearing.

The City's request and the fact the developer consents have been communicated to the Board in writing.

I expect the Board will honour this request and schedule a new hearing sometime in the fall.

Your patience in this complicated and difficult situation is greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Councillor Brian Ashton Ward 36, Scarborough Southwest

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